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  • Rain Gear
    We have been having severe rain storms here and I got a chance to test out the Poncho Villa Technical softshell Poncho I had gotten last winter. I got ...
    by wulfin at 05:50 2018-02-23
  • To Those New to Prepping tips 2018
    Picking the right color for your bug out bag can be more important than many people believe. The right color for the type of bug out bag you have can ...
    by wulfin at 07:50 2018-02-15
  • Zero Day - Cape Town South Africa - water supply crisis
    Going to be real interesting to watch. Thing is could just as easily happen in a city near you. ...
    by wulfin at 07:19 2018-02-10
  • DOW at 14,000 by April?
    I think a lot of what we are seeing is politics and taking profits while making current administration look bad. The same market forces that are now being pushed ...
    by wulfin at 07:16 2018-02-10
  • Feb 3, 2018 My Concerns on the State of the Union
    I read some of the transcript. Gave up, it just seems like rah rah, hurray for Meeeeeeeeeee! As to Hitlary, that witch is so slippery, she makes John Gotti look like 2 ...
    by Schteveo at 00:07 2018-02-06
  • Oak Logs, Ham Radio and Bee Swarms.
    Oak Logs I've got a couple of oak logs from my recent tree cutting ceremonies. I'd liked to make a couple of thick, round solid oak cutting boards, but here's my ...
    by Schteveo at 13:53 2018-02-05
  • Social media controlled by Bots
    Bots don't do face to face very well. ...
    by Lighthorse at 08:11 2018-02-05
  • Dash Cameras for security
    Yep great idea, covering your ass. Just sad that its come to this. ...
    by Lighthorse at 08:03 2018-02-05
  • So what did you all think about the "Memo"?
    If you call LE on your neighbor and he's broken no laws, and, your only motive is harassment. Then you have broken the law... If the Swamp is to be ...
    by Lighthorse at 07:58 2018-02-05
  • *** After Action Report *** - 1/23/18 AK tsunami bug out
    This is why testing plans come in handy and check lists, so you know hat to bring and the list helps you not forget to bring those must have items. ...
    by wulfin at 06:45 2018-01-30

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