Rainwater Harvesting – DIY Water Cache

Rainwater Harvesting, Why ?

  • Always have emergency water when you need it
  • Once the water cache is setup there is no real work to keep it (just need rain)
  • Use rainwater for gardening instead of city water or treated water
  • Keeps your water bill down
  • (Want to add some reasons comment on the post)

What Materials Do You Need To Build A Water Cache ?

  • PVC Pipe
  • Concrete Blocks
  • Gutter Material
  • PVC Pipe connectors, couplings, glue, 90’s etc
  • Water spigot

Where Do You Get Rain Barrels ?

  • I got my first ones from a water treatment plant
  • Yard sales, craigslist, newspaper classifieds, honey distributors
  • (Want to add some places comment on the post)

Rainwater Harvester

I picked this way of making the barrels so i do not have to drill any un-wanted holes in the barrels in case i need them for something else.
Also if i run low on water there is still always some in there without going out of the hose ends.
So here is some pictures to show the progress.

rainwater cacherainwater harvesting

rainwater barreldiy rainwater harvesting

Make a Rainwater cache


See the original forum topic here –>http://www.shtfmovement.com/forums/?forum_id=145&topic_id=14659&post_id=95827

Questions or Comments?

One comment on “Rainwater Harvesting – DIY Water Cache


I’ve been ‘planning’ this type system, but running it to some 275 gallon totes.



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