Homemade Lantern Wicks – SHTF Oil Lantern Wicks

I tried a new recipe to make lantern wicks from paper bags.

I used small sandwich bags you can use whatever you like.

Things you will need:

  • 1/4 cup Salt

  • 2 cups Water

  • Scissors

  • Paper Bags

  • A small pot

  • A way to heat the water.

Optional Items:
Rolling pin
What to Do:

Take the salt and water and place on low heat until the salt is completely dissolved. then turn off heat and set pot of salt water aside for later.

What i did was to get some sandwich bags and cut them in half. (about 3 inches wide)

Then cut the bottoms off the bags.

Then you will need to start folding the bags so they will fit in your lamps, my lamps use the flat ones so i folded them about 2 times.

Now take them and start soaking them in the pot of salt and water that you dissolved earlier.

I used a small lid to weight them down cause they will float a bit and you want them completely wet.

After about an hour or so take the wicks out of the salt water, then let them air dry or you can try to help them out like i did and use a rolling pin to squeeze out the existing water.

Now you have to let them Dry completely, it may take 24 -48 hours.
Once they are dry you can start fitting them to your lanterns, I had to cut mine in half and shave some off the sides so they would fit.

Then place in lantern with fuel and ENJOY !!

The reason we soak them in salt water is the salt SUPPOSEDLY keeps them from from charring as it burns and from what i see it seems to work well.

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2 comments on “Homemade Lantern Wicks – SHTF Oil Lantern Wicks

Deana Emily

I want to start couponing so I found your couponing 101 1-4 and read them then I found other goodies to read also. Very interesting, thank you!


Prepared Bee

I like the way it is being very innovative, awesome!



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