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Personal SHTF BOV - live aboard ?

SHTF vehicle or vehicles you will use in a Disaster
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2011 7:59 am
Mike One thing to consider is insurance for your deuce and a half. We had one a couple of years ago that we got from our local armery. Low mileage great condition and all new tires (including the spare). They run great and the bed is huge and will offer you plenty of area to build on. There is a group of people close to where we live that run them through a river that is close to up (they run about 50 miles). It's a good idea to go out and practice running through rivers just to know how to handle the vehicle when the water is running.
Another idea for anyone that needs a temporary camping area is to stay at a Walmart parking lot. Some of them even have power that you can hook up to. There is a website (sorry I don't remember the site) that lists all the Walmarts that allow tin can camping.
In the past we owned a 40 ft Grayhound bus that we converted. We had 110 gallons of fresh water and the same in black water, a generator and the works. The bus worked great since it had plenty of storage and is built on a heavier frame than most motorhomes. Also it had a 160 gallon diesel tank so we had over 1000 mile range on one tank. Lots of information is out there about bus conversions and now is the time to buy one if you are interested since a lot of people are getting out of the bus nut way of life. :D

PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:29 pm
I will insure the truck through the business right now, when SHTF won't need to worry about it. All ready have one unit that we use to spray ditch banks with weed killer and to spread straw with seed on road sidings for construction. Love the way this thing crawls up inclines and how it will manuver through mud with no assistance. The NDT round edge tires are a big help on the front with steering. Want to build something with the ability to live with some comfort for the wife and grandchildren, for myself and the children we have made extended backpacking trips.

I'm afraid that my start date is to late.

Watch for the blue hates


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