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The Tier System

Talk about your survival kit, packs, bag or how to make one.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:11 am
Now I'm not going to go on record saying I invented this doctorine, but I did create this system without outside influence. I have realized that the BOB will never have EVERYTHING we will want/need in it, so I have made mine a 3 tier system, with a possiblity of more tiers as I decent into SHTF madness.

The beauty of a tier'd system is, depending on the urgency of the sh!t that happens to be hitting the fan, you can grab and go, or take more time, and load the gecks into a vehicle and roll out.

Now Tier one is obviously my BOB, packed to the tits full of all the goodies I would need off hand, and some things I probably wouldn't.
-Bag- '64 pattern "jump ruck"
-multi tool
-Fire starting kit, wetfire, mayadust,hexamine, matches, bic, mag stick.
-20+ liter jug
-fishing kit, extencive, hooks leaders, sinkers, bobers, etc.
-snare wire, 75ft.
-bag-o-socks and foot powder!
-emergency poncho, (shelter aid aswell)
-zip ties (shelter making, or to detain the detainers...?)
-2x 1 liter bottles
-tin cup
-tin pot
-coffee filter
-work gloves
-550 cord and cheaper armyish cord
-150 piece first aid kit w/steri strips and sutures
-nail clippers
-TCCC (tactical combat casualty care) kit.
- bag-o- glowsticks
-20ga. steel wire spool 100 meters
-sling shot
-3 days of minium food (upgrading to calorie bars within 2 weeks)
-camp soap
-hand sanitizer
-real emerg. blacket, space blankets are effing useless, get the double sided woven ones.
-pain meds, I have about 4 different pills in one bottle, plus my first aid kit, then a full bottle of immodium/pepto, (keep in mind that your system is going to effin' punish you for the first 72 hours.)
-asswipe x1 roll compressed
-writing stuff (paper, grease pencils, pencils pens, porno, the usual.)
-water stuff, aqua tabs, clorine, etc.
-A chair, my fat ass humps the extra weight for something decent to sit on.
-Sleeping kit, (not shown) (CF sleep kit, bivy bag, inner, outer (in winter), ground sheet, liner, valice)
-The usual stuff that I didn't list
- only weighing in at around 60 pounds depending on the season.


Now as for the rest of it, I have two simple luggage roller bags filled to the tits again with various items in ranked bags, which are labeled GECK 1 and GECK 2 (some of you will probably get the Fallout 3 reference there, GECK=Garden of Eden Creation Kit)

GECK 1 includes the following:
-6x camp heaters for heat and cooking
-clothing.... SOCKS!
-gorilla tape, duct tape etc.
-food, about a weeks worth, misc.
-a book
-candles x alot (tea lights, burn for a few hours, usful tin, cheap as balls, small as sh!t, whats not to like?)
-dynamo radio
-basic hygiene kit
-TP x 3
-20ga. steel wire spool 100 meters
hand warmersx 20 (cold sucks, these are a massive moral/health boost)
- files and sharpeners
-fishing line
-550 cord
-cigars and snuff. Moral is a tricky thing, enjoy the little things.
-There is more, but I am not cracking that bad boy out right now

Now GECK 2 is a definate comfort GECK, it has the seeds of civ. in it, as well as creature comforts.
-8x paint can heaters, (tp roll, alcohol 70-99% USP)
-tooth paste
-premade hygene kits
-water purification stuff
-extra hygiene for hand outs
-large bottles of sanitizer
-bar soaps
-clothing SOCKS!
-SAS handbook (great "what can I eat today" reference, or just reading material)
-First aid kit, basic w/ sutures
-Cigars and snuff... the end of the world is not the time to quit smoking!
-again there is more, I'm planning on making a video soon and going in depth.


Remember when you are putting your gear togeather, to leave little notes to yourself, you will be suprised how much this can lighten your spirits after not eating for a few days, or working your figurative family jewel off all day. I like to leave notes on my food packaging in the GECKS, because, theoretically you may not look at these things for a while, so these notes may come as a pleasent suprise to you. Remember to keep positive, and enjoy the experience, rather than panic.

My on body kit is a whole other can of worms.
-Nomex skull cap
-Propper multicam BDU top and bottom
-Magnum Boots, or other depending
-rigger made chest rig
-filleting knife survival kit (line, hooks, snare, mag bar, sinkers, tape)
-CRKT folder 1*
-cellphone for as long as its good for
-bic lighters
-knee pads
-duty belt
-I don't like telling my guns online, call me paranoid.
-crkt Ultima drop leg
-multi tool
-gasmask deployment bag
-Jump knife
-belt survival kit (tape, line, snare, hooks etc.)



Last but not least my EDC bag
-Fire blanket (wool)
-glow sticks
-pen pencil paper
-grabbing tool
-1 liter of water
-go food, high carb & protein bars
-fire starting kit
-survival filleting knife
-wire saw

hope I don't look like a tool!

D. :new:

There's a fly in the ointment, shits hittin' the fan, the lion will speak!


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:26 am
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:14 am
:gs: Nicely done!
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:02 pm
Thanks for the props guys! Looking back on the post, I definately missed alot of stuff, but I will make that video some time soon, and I will get more in depth!
There's a fly in the ointment, shits hittin' the fan, the lion will speak!


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