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Oak Logs, Ham Radio and Bee Swarms.

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Oak Logs, Ham Radio and Bee Swarms.

Post by Schteveo » Mon Feb 05, 2018 12:53 pm

Oak Logs

I've got a couple of oak logs from my recent tree cutting ceremonies.

I'd liked to make a couple of thick, round solid oak cutting boards, but here's my dilemma. I tried a few years ago to 'age' some oak slabs, a couple were 8" thick. ALL of them got huge cracks on them and were unusable. I aged a couple in a basement and a couple inside a closet. It seemed like temp / humidity being controlled or not made little difference.

Do any of you experienced wood cutters / woodworkers know how I can best dry season this wood? I'm considering cutting the 12' log into 2' or 3' sections and sticking them in my end of the closet. I can use them like stacked concrete blocks on a college dorm book case.

Anyway, once again, I come seeking advice.


Ham Radio

I rejoined the county Ham Radio Club JARS. I went to my first meeting in over 2 years last month.

I've been off air for almost 2 years now. Just didn't feel the need to get on and report that I was NOT doing much initially. Then, as I got more healthy and ambulatory, I didn't feel like explaining my absence and the whole health thing to people I barely knew.

I turned around my thinking when I skipped Summer Field Day, skipped the club's Fall Fest, and then, I missed Winter Field Day because I didn't even get an invite. When you get dropped from the mailing list, it pretty much means the club is counting you OUT. I hated thinking I did it to myself.

Not to mention the fact that I never did finish my Weather Spotter curse or my Emergency Communications training. So, I'm going to be doing that ASAP.

For those in the know, I'm still just doing 2M with a HT.

I'm wanting to get a antenna for my ride so I can hit the repeater better when I'm mobile. It sucks driving in the rain or cold with the window cracked, with the antenna stuck out the window. Any suggestions on that front would be helpful. I've looked and it seems like I can pay big bucks for antennas with crappy reviews or small bucks for 'decent' reviewed antennas. My local repeaters are both up the local TV antennas, 1200' up, they cover almost a 100 mile circle, elevation, line of sight being the main factors, weather permitting of course.

I don't need the BEST, but I'd rather get one that will last. I'll eventually need one for my non-daily driver too. I bought a F-350, gas, automatic with a welding / plumbing body on it. So cost is an issue, as I need two, not just one.


Bee Swarms

I have been tardy as h3ll on posting bee videos, primarily because I lost ALL my bees just before it got cold. 5 years of bee keeping, this is my 3rd time starting over from scratch. 4th if you count my first bees absconding within 2 days of being installed in my hives.

I've got bees ordered AND I decided to (re)join my local bee club. My decision was two pronged, first and foremost I need more local help/ training so I can stop starting over and keep my hives alive.

Secondly, I wanted to get on the Swarm Call List. Because them bees is FREE.

Nothing is cheaper than free in my experience. Plus, there's the possibility of making some $$$ doing cutouts of colonies that have taken up residence inside peoples homes, garages, shops, etc. I'm pretty sure I'll get 'some' of these calls, as I volunteered to bee THE swarm list control guy for the club!!! I can't take all the calls, but if I run through the list [...which currently is BLANK except for my name and number...] and no one wants the call, I can step up and take them. I'm the only one who is not a working stiff who is interested in the swarm list, so it makes me more available to go get the swarms.

My intent is to video, video, video damned near everything I do this year with bees. I'll post videos to my YouTube channel and to Photo Bucket for those who do not do social media. So, as freakin' usual, I'm looking for help.

Poke me. Prod me. Get in my face IF I start slacking off on posting videos. I find I get off my @$$ more if I see the need for videoing stuff.
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