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Feb 3, 2018 My Concerns on the State of the Union

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Feb 3, 2018 My Concerns on the State of the Union

Post by wulfin » Sat Feb 03, 2018 7:00 am

I have been trying to stay away from politics as much as possible lately, but maybe it is time I mention a few things as they relate to our preparedness.
The first thing is yesterday a memo was released by congressional intelligence committee which I personally found very concerning. If true and all evidence released so far seems to point in that direction, it means the FBI has been weaponized against American citizens. If they can do this against a rich, well established citizen who is running for president, what would they do to an average person like you or me? Would they hesitate to make up false accusations, spy on and leak information to the press about us to ruin our careers, our life and maybe charge and put us in jail if they saw us as a threat to their political beliefs or power? I think they would in a heart beat. For at least 40 years FBI, DOJ and others have been becoming more like the KGB and tribunals then the FBI and DOJ we grew up with (if you are older).

I understand there are those in government and positions of power who do not like, not trust anyone who Loves our country, and the constitution. It reminds me more of Old Stalinist Russia or the current Venezuela than the country I grew up in and served in it’s military.

The elites seem to think socialism is a good deal, so did those in Venezuela until it began to fail and oppress it’s citizens. How long did it take for that country to go form a prosperous rich country, to what it in is.. a S hole country? Not that long. It worry’s me, the same type of people who led that country to ruin with socialist ideals are trying to gain power and do the exact same thing here. One reason I prep.

The second thing is with the Bundy trial showing prosecutorial misconduct, information held back from the defense, and lying about it to the judge and no prosecution of those who did so, concerns me also. More signs of one law for the powers that be and for us peons. Anytime anyone gets by with crimes, they tend to think it’s okay and it becomes the norm for what they do, and maybe increases to see how far they can go. It worries me.

Either we are a country of laws and they apply equally to everyone, or we are a country with no law and justice, just a bunch of people in power and peasants who have no real power or equality.

We can no longer depend on elected officials, the media or even law enforcement agencies to follow the constitution and the laws our country was based on. They scream about our lack of trust in them, but they did it to themselves by continually lying, covering up and treating us as stupid. Unless they start prosecuting those in power who break the laws, then we will never be able to trust our government again. If we can not have justice for the least of us, there is no justice in the country any more. Two standards one for the powerful and one for the rest of us is the path to a total destruction of all we know.

I wonder where would we be now if Hillary had become president. We know so many lies were made to cover for her crimes and those who supported her for president. We I think dodged a bullet, but there seems to be a machine gun emplacement hidden getting ready to fire at us in the future unless things change.

I know some have slowed down or stopped prepping thinking things are better, but I saw how fast things can turn around and go the other way, unless the corruption is removed from the roots.

Prep and pray people. I suggest supporting those who are seeking to clean up the corruption. We can only try or we might as well give up, because things will get really bad if we don't.
"Tell the Truth, know the escape routes and carry extra ammunition" Georgia Mason in the novel "FEED"

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