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Post by threequarterthrottle » Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:16 pm

Hey everyone,

I've been pretty much absent from this forum for about 2 years. I've checked in frequently enough to maintain my membership status, and that's because I've been actively involved in a constitutional militia. Yesterday I resigned from my position (Primary training officer), and turned over my membership as a whole.

I learned a great deal about people (Like-minded ones, especially) in these months I've been involved with that segment of the Patriot movement. Without compromising OPSEC, I'll share my lessons with the people here.

I happened across the (Then XO) CO of this unit during a suturing class at a prepper oriented store in Cross Lanes, WV. The owner is a good friend of mine, and does have a website (Http:// It was quite obvious to me that this guy had his sh!t together, on a level much larger than the average prepper. I made it a point to engage him after the class, and we exchanged information.

After an interview at a later date, I was offered the opportunity to join the unit. I obliged, and was given the information required to carpool to the next FTX(Field Training Exercise). The event was a joint function held by a 3% group in Ohio, and I was quite impressed. The hosting unit was a group of preppers who focused on survival, and upholding the constitution. At the time, the unit I represented was very small (Roughly six members). Although my wife wasn't thrilled with my involvement, I was hooked.

The next FTX really sold the deal. Again, it was a joint function with another like-minded group of individuals. It was closer to home, and we had the privilege of having another friendly unit bring their HUEY in to work with. One of the members is a Vietnam vet and retired commercial helicopter pilot, who has procured a vessel quite similar to the one he served our country with. The things I learned that day could not be taught by any run of the mill "Tactical school". We had a man, fresh from the sandbox, who was teaching basic tactics and squad movements to the greenhorns(like me).

I worked hard to earn respect in the presence of retired special forces, general servicemen and civilians who'd been long involved in the movement. I feel like I succeeded, and at the second election was put up for two elected positions. (In the time leading up to the 2016 elections, our ranks swelled to as many as 32, from 6 at the time of my volunteering). I was elected to both, training officer and squad leader for my local area.

Prior to that, the US presidential election transpired. With the results of that, I saw a fundamental change within the ranks of the unit. There was a significant percentage of the membership who felt like there was no longer a need for their service, now that Donald Trump was President. All was suddenly well in the camp, and there wasn't a thing to worry about. I, being a prepper before a militiaman, didn't agree. Regardless, attendance to monthly functions dropped significantly. My personal motivation wasn't primarily political, so I stayed firmly attached to the principles of the unit. I felt that there was no less to risk than on the day before the election, and my opinion stands.

During this election cycle that gave me the opportunity to serve at a higher degree than I had previously, there was a great deal of turmoil. 2 of the people who had been placed on the ballot by other members turned the opportunity down, one of whom resigned altogether.

I'll save all the hairy details, and cut to the chase. The XO turned CO chose to enact executive authority on a good number of matters, which weren't afforded to him by our code of conduct and bylaws. I tried to combat the totalitarianism through proposed amendments to our legislation. I was met with great resistance from leadership, and great support from the unit membership. After 3 months of attempting to peaceably resolve these issues, I chose instead to resign and let the castle topple. I fully expect it will, and have zero interest in tryin to herd cats on my own.

In a nutshell, the founder of the unit I was involved with single-handedly destroyed 10 years worth of ally-building and has allowed his own power trip to turn his empire to shambles. As we move forward as like-minded individuals in the era of alt-left ultra-violence and misinformation on the highest level ever recorded, use caution in where you place your chips. Nation building is tedious work, and strong men have been overcome by the prospect of power. Be vigilant, be safe and most of all, be ready. It takes an assailant roughly 2 seconds to cross a 30 foot distance, and no less than 8 minutes for "Authorities" to respond.

Threequarterthrottle, AKA Shepherd.
I'll keep my Freedom, Guns and my Constitution, you keep the change.

Blind faith in ignorant leaders is NOT Patriotism.

In the Wasatch National Forest of Utah, 504 sheep were killed by a single bolt of lightning. Sheep huddle in storms and the lightning bolt passed from one animal to another.

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