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Pellet guns are deadly

Bows, knives etc.. talk
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Pellet guns are deadly

Post by nickdanger » Mon Jan 16, 2017 5:29 pm

shot with my .177 cal Gamo nitrogen break barrel single shot pellet rifle. I got one of the chicken killers this morning after I noticed coon tracks next to the chicken coop yesterday. I was sleeping lightly and heard the chickens making noises early this morning around first light, got up and looked out the window and could see a pack of raccoons around the coop. I went outside in my underwear (its okay, they're camo) a camo T-shirt and camo slip on shoes with the pellet rifle. The coons were distracted with the chickens and I was able to sneak around to the side of the house and fire from about 25-30 yds at one of them who just happened to look directly at me as I was training the barrel at him. I drilled 'um with a .177 cal pellet. He started kicking and the rest ran off before I could reload. Tonight I set coon cuffs out with marshmallows and peanut butter and jelly. If the rest of the masked bandits come back and get cuffed I'll post more pictures. Now my hens are so upset they didn't lay a single egg today. Dang coons. I declared war on squirrels after they got in my attic and chewed up the soffits. I've popped about 50 squirrels in the last 3 months with this pellet gun. I have it dialed in with the iron sights. if any varmint is within 40 yards of my pellet gun, its dead.

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