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To Those New to Prepping tips 2018

Preparedness tips fpr , emergency , disaster , hurricane , earthquake, etc..
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To Those New to Prepping tips 2018

Post by wulfin » Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:01 am

If you are new to prepping or even an old hand, I suggest with the new year you perform a recheck on your prepper goals and plans for the year.

I like to go through my plans and goals and see where I need to modify them, because either a new technology has come out which is better than what I currently have or was planning to get, I learned new skills or obtained knowledge which allows me to better perform tasks if I have a new item or revamp an old one I currently have, someone showed me a better way to do things, laws changed and allow or disallow some things I was planning to obtain or that I currently have. I.E. Texas now has a open carry for large knives and swords and it’s perfectly legal to carry them. This changes some things I have in my EDC which will make life simpler if I ever have to survive with it, Like having a full sized survival working knife and can carry my Kurkri in or attached to my EDC Bag as an example.

I also suggest you set a goal for each month on acquiring new prepper gear or supplies. In January, as an example, may be set as a month of gaining new medical equipment or supplies. February for me will probably be a ammo month and bulk battery purchases. A case of each kind of rifle and pistol round in my normal calibers and a case of AA, AAA, C, D and 9 volt batteries and a set of rechargeable batteries in each of those sizes. Each month I try and concentrate on one area and get that checked off and move on to next. Some of this is just replacing ones I have sued during last year, sometimes it’s just adding more to my on hand ready stocks. This is besides my normal monthly resupply and maintenance.

Do not forget to put some cash back each month in reserve so you will have some cash on hand. This way in case you come across a really good deal on gear or supplies you were going to buy anyway you have cash to take advantage of it and also have cash in case SHTF (lose a job, economy busts, etc. ) .
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