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To those who are new to prepping part 2

Preparedness tips fpr , emergency , disaster , hurricane , earthquake, etc..
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To those who are new to prepping part 2

Post by wulfin » Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:22 am

The old for those who are new to prepping tips area got so long decided to break it into a new section to make tracking and finding things easier for people.

The hurricanes we have seen in last months should be enough to remind everyone, storms happen. Mother nature is always there and from time to time she gets a case of PMS and we poor humans are on the receiving end of some really bad stuff. If we are NOT prepared and prepped, then things get a lot harder. Prepping does not always stop bad things from happening to us, but they sure can help mitigate the situation when it does.

If you are new to prepping, first thing you need to do is decide what are you prepping for. Then for how long do you think you will be needing to be able to take care of your self for? That will let you know what you need to start buying to be ready. Some things are basic, like setting up BOB's for every member of the family and even pets. Keep them somewhere that they can be grabbed fast and you can get down the road if necessary. As people have found this summer, there are times you get little warning that YOU MUST evacuate, like forest fires, dam damage like in California, flash floods, etc. etc.. have them ready, keep them packed up and go through them every 6 months or so to make sure they are packed, everything is still good in them and if they were gotten into you replace what was taken or used.

Oh as a tip, someone had once told me that they used the little compressed towels tablets you dip in water to make them expand into wash rag sized cloths as a replacement for regular toilet paper for their BOB's. Many times these tablets come in a plastic individual sealed bags. I have purchased 300 of these and put into our BOBs for just in case. Does not take much water to expand the tablets into their full size, they are compact and 50 takes very little space , they are durable and a wet rag is handy for many things, not just using as toilet paper replacement. On Ebay I got 100 each for 5.99 and ordered multiples of them. I just put in an order for another 100 after testing the latest ones I got in mail. That is cheaper them camping toilet paper or toilet paper packs that come from MRE's.
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