Was started in 2006, we had a vision to help folks learn how to prepare and learn simple survival skills.

People still ask the same old question “Why are you a Prepper?  What are you preparing for” and my answer now a days is “why do you have insurance on your stupid electronic phone ? But fail to insure your family & future with just a couple extra things on hand”

I have been in the position of not having a job and could not get any help while I was out of work so one of my biggest reasons to prepare is that my food preps actually helped me out when I was out of work.

The rest of preparing is actually natural, just like buying 2 pair of shoes or 2 shirts or 2 of your favorite snacks or even 2 screen protectors (incase 1 breaks) prepping is just being ready for the unseen. Some people just have the priority order wrong in the prepping mindset

Some People Are Preparing For (just a few reasons):

  • Job loss
  • Electric Grid Failure
  • Gas shortage or price spike (truckers don’t deliver food you won’t have it)
  • Ammo price fluxuations
  • Up north we used to always have extra because you could not go anywhere sometimes. (Snow & Ice)
  • Hurricanes (shut down gas stations & businesses, not to mention drinking water contamination)
  • Earthquakes
  • Tornadoes
  • Tsunami’s
  • EMP
  • Nuclear War
  • Economical Collapse

Im not saying this is why we prepare, I think of it as a lifestyle just like others think they have to look good on facebook I think I have to keep extras on hand for my FAMILY and our wellbeing.

So to make an already long story short, SHTFM.COM is pretty much like my handbook and could be yours as well if you search some of the topics and posts you will find out there  is a TON of information to be soaked up and learned, if you allow yourself to do it. So without further adieu enjoy your stay and make sure you invite friends and family to read, learn, teach and engage.


Also we ask you to post your comments about your reasoning to prepare or not preparing.

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