Basic Reloading Part 1

So you wanna reload? I started reloading ammunition for my rifles and pistols about 20 years ago. At the time I wanted the ability to produce my own ammunition after TSHTF (yes, I was a survivalist even way back then). to that end I wanted to be able to ...
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Springfield XDS 45 +1 Round / Add A Round

In this video we will take a 7 round magazine for a springfield armory XDS .45 and make it an 8 round magazine. Purchased a +1 extension from Impact Guns. https://youtu.be/zfm-yKLjAgc #SHTFM @SHTFM @Springfield_Inc #springfieldarmory @ImpactGuns #ImpactGuns #xds45 #xds #gun #preppertalk #prepping #preppers #Survivalist #doomsdaypreppers ...
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Energy Calculator Tool

To calculate an estimated monthly electrical bill for your home, please select a QUANTITY in the applicable Electrically Powered Items field. Once you've filled out the fields that are relevant to your home, click the "Calculate" button at the bottom of this form. This will ...
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  • if you're in the hurricane Irma zone... here's a tip
    That's good to hear! Logistics can be everything! :shock: ...
    by Digital Willie at 08:35 2017-09-20
  • To those who are new to prepping part 2
    For those who worry about EMP and keep hearing about if we get EMP in United States that we would lose 90% of the population. Ever wonder what that is ...
    by wulfin at 18:33 2017-09-19
  • And Yea verily, didst the Mongolians CLUSTER!
    I have more trouble with shiny objects then I do small critters.... well that and women with big boobs tend to distract me also... ...
    by wulfin at 08:22 2017-09-19
  • Alcohol, anyone?
    I already make beer. Have good friend who makes shine, AND if I get bees through the winter, I'll have honey to make mead. I think the shine idea is ...
    by Schteveo at 16:10 2017-09-18
  • Fuel Separation Systems on BOVs
    Correct me if I am wrong, but this just seems to be an auxiliary pump to push fuel through a water separator and dirt filter? shrug Any commercial Diesel engine ...
    by Digital Willie at 11:21 2017-09-18
  • I survived hurricane Irma
    Nick, Glad to hear all is again well in the Danger household. Interesting to note that you found you "hardly had to do anything". :beer: To me this shows that a ...
    by Digital Willie at 10:42 2017-09-17
  • New Member introductions here !!
    Welcome to the forum ! ...
    by Fictional Character at 16:27 2017-09-16
  • Zippo Lighters....
    Love Zippos. My favorite brand of lighters. ...
    by lordtony25 at 10:41 2017-09-15
  • Need best recipe for pickled spiced eggs
    I am thinking of making 10 or 12 quarts of pickled eggs and putting back on shelves. I want a tad spicy, but not so spicy that wife or grandkids ...
    by wulfin at 08:47 2017-09-14
  • A-34 Creamed Ground Beef on Toast.
    It's well worth trying. Has calories too. ...
    by wulfin at 08:27 2017-09-14

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