Was started in 2006, we had a vision to help folks learn how to prepare and learn simple survival skills.

People still ask the same old question “Why are you a Prepper?  What are you preparing for” and my answer now a days is “why do you have insurance on your stupid electronic phone ? But fail to insure your family & future with just a couple extra things on hand”


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Basic Reloading Part 1

So you wanna reload? I started reloading ammunition for my rifles and pistols about 20 years ago. At the time I wanted the ability to produce my own ammunition after TSHTF (yes, ...
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Springfield XDS 45 +1 Round / Add A Round

In this video we will take a 7 round magazine for a springfield armory XDS .45 and make it an 8 round magazine. Purchased a +1 extension from Impact Guns ...
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Energy Calculator Tool

To calculate an estimated monthly electrical bill for your home, please select a QUANTITY in the applicable Electrically Powered Items field. Once you've filled out the fields that are relevant ...
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Prepper, Survival, B.O.B Wipes

8 Prepper, Survival & B.O.B Uses For Baby Wipes

8 Real Reasons To Keep Baby Wipes In Your Pack Or B.O.B I have read a lot of these "baby wipe uses" articles but they were all the same ones ...
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Powerful Natural Antibiotic

Powerful Natural Antibiotic The master cleansing tonic was the first choice in the past thanks to its incredible health benefits. The tonic can kill any kind of bacteria, virus or ...
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18 Camping Tips For Beginners

Don't go on your first camping trip without these tips. Camping trips with good effort put into correctly planning your trip will determine how  enjoyable and successful your trip will be. Some ...
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Rainwater Harvesting – DIY Water Cache

Rainwater Harvesting, Why ? Always have emergency water when you need it Once the water cache is setup there is no real work to keep it (just need rain) Use ...
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Site Upgrade and RE-VAMP !

We will be posting blog posts from old forum topics that provide great information. This will help bring back the information that is getting lost in the shuffle of the ...
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1 Year Food Supply For 2 People Only 5$ A Week

Food Storage Food is like insurance, you can never have enough. To store at least 1 year's worth of food for 5$ a week is a wonderful thing especially at ...
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How To Build A Fire Tips & Tricks

Build a Fire Building a fire is the most important task when dealing with survival in the wilderness. Be sure to build yours in a sandy or rocky area or ...
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