Basic Reloading Part 2

So you wanna learn how to reload part 2 For this demonstration i will be reloading a .38 special. the procedure is the exact same for any other cartridge when using a 3 die set. using the speed die requires a slightly different procedure, but ...
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Clearwater Lake Campground Our New Thing Camping

Ocala National Forest Clearwater Campground Was very nice, clean and the people were GREAT ! Baby went walking around campground and kept moma busy lol The Lake was very nice and clear plus the bathrooms were vey clean and there was no trash around and ...
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DIY When The Store Is Not Around – Electrolyte, Baby Formula, Peanut Butter, ETC.

DIY Electrolyte Drink (Gatorade, Pedialyte) 1 quart water 1/2 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. Lite salt 6 to 10 tsp. granulated sugar Optional Ingredient: Package of Kool-Aid for color and flavoring. Mix well. Replaces lost electrolytes due to dehydration (diarrhea, vomiting, excessive sweating, etc.). ...
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Couponing 101: Complete Beginners Guide – Part 4

BUILDING A STOCKPILE The first thing that you need to know is that building a stockpile should not negatively affect your budget! The whole concept is one of savings! Do not neglect the overall savings in favor of stocking up on individual items. If ...
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Couponing 101: Complete Beginners Guide – Part 3

COUPONING 101 (RAIN CHECKS) Ask for rain checks! Sometimes you have prepared yourself, gone to the store, and they are out of what you want. Rainchecks are the solution: they give you the sale price on the item when it is back on the shelf, ...
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Couponing 101: Complete Beginners Guide – Part 2

Look for unadvertised sales! One store may have too much of a certain item in stock, and will put it on sale. Others will have items on clearance. This is why you need to have all of your coupons with you as you shop! ...
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Couponing 101: Complete Beginners Guide – Part 1

Complete beginners guide to couponing ! If you have absolutely no idea how to do this 'coupon thing', this is the place to start! This thread is intended to give you the basic and not-so-basic tips to save a lot of money on groceries, cleaning ...
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  • Anti-Trump Rally
    Man, they didn't get the invitation? ...
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    I am currently testing a Poncho Villa Technical softshell Poncho by Hazard 4 Rain Poncho my wife so thoughtfully got me for Christmas. I am going to say right off, ...
    by wulfin at 07:52 2018-01-01
  • Happy New year
    Happy New Years everyone!! Lets keep prepping in 2018. ...
    by wulfin at 20:39 2017-12-31
  • NEW EDITION - Survival & Austere Medicine - 3rd Edition
    the newly revised and edited 3rd edition of one of the better first aid manuals is now available ..... ****** FREE DOWNLOAD ******* https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/3b311a_6ef34fffc73447ce9a4d25a4d441b662.pdf ...
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